Dave Keating is a Klamath County based Fine Art Photographer

Dave is a self taught black and white fine art photographer. He grew up shooting with film cameras, buying his first SLR at the age of 13. The advent of digital capture saw the film camera seeing less and less use. The convenience and high quality images produced by digital cameras soon completely replaced His use of film cameras.

Recently though, Dave has found himself drawn back to film. It holds a magical look that digital cannot replace. This has led him to start shooting most of his Fine Art Landscapes on film. Digital still plays an important role in his wedding and commercial work though. Dave develops his own negatives, and scans them to high quality on an Epson V750 Flatbed Scanner ensuring the highest quality images possible.

While Fine art Landscape work takes much of Dave's time, he does shoot a limited number of weddings each year. His style is non obtrusive, utilizing ambient light to compliment his documentary style. His black and white images will bring you back to that special day for years to come.